Saturday, 31 January 2009

A Fond Farewell

"Dining Room on a Dime"
"The Thrifty Living Room"
"Bedroom on a Budget"

I am so sad to learn that my absolute favorite decorating magazine, Domino, will be closing its doors in March. Every month I look forward to curling up with the latest issue and finding inspiration for my next decorating project. I don't think another publication will quite be able to take its place, and my only solace is that I have saved many issues and clippings in my files. Thank you, Domino, for providing us with endless ideas and beautiful templates for rooms that are stylish, cozy and oh-so-livable! You will be dearly missed!

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Hip & Zen

I was just adding links to my "Living Green" section and discovered that Hip & Zen is having a liquidation sale - 75% off all items. I would normally be thrilled to find such amazing deals on beautiful, eco-friendly goods...but I'm sad to see yet another company fold in the current economic storm. Check out their website for incredibly low prices on the above items and more.

Mail Management

I just adore getting the mail! It really is one of the highlights of my day! You never know what will arrive; it's so exciting. There is nothing like receiving an unexpected letter, a favorite magazine or a great coupon. There are two problems, however. One, accompanying all of this fabulous mail is a whole lot of junk mail. And two, it all piles up. This year, I think I've tackled both problems with the help of the Umbra Magnetter and Registering with DMAchoice will significantly reduce your junk mail (and in the process help save the environment). The Magnetter will provide you with a compact, sleek and stylish system for storing your mail and keys. It retails at Umbra for $14.99, but the ground shipping fee of $17.95 sent me on a search for it elsewhere. I found it at The Container Store for $12.99 with very reasonable shipping fees. Or pick it up for free! I was delighted to discover that the online Container Store will allow you to shop and assemble your order and then pick it up at your local store. Yet another reason to love that place!

Friday, 30 January 2009

Bedroom on a Budget

"Bedroom on a Budget." Photo from Domino.

The Thrifty Living Room

"The Thrifty Living Room." Photo from Domino.

Dining Room on a Dime

"Bedroom on a Budget"

"The Thrifty Living Room"

"Dining Room on a Dime." Photos from Domino.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Welcome to Little Hen Designs!

Welcome to Little Hen Designs! Thank you so much for visiting! As a self-proclaimed crafter and do-it-yourselfer, I am so excited to share all of my ideas, projects and bargain finds with you! I hope you find everything you need to create chic and comfy spaces that you and your family will love to live in. If you have a great idea, create something fabulous, discover a hip resource or want to share a photo or link, please write to me! Your support and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated! Let's get to work!